Senior Minister David Kaden at the pulpit in black robes and a white stole

David Kaden

Senior Minister

A woman with a red shirt and gray jacket in front of a potted tree and window

Sue Fast

Designated Assistant Minister

A woman with a black shirt standing in front of a tree

Jessica Galbreath-Nocera

Church Manager

A woman in a green and blue shirt standing outside with the lawn in the background

Diane Beckwith

Director of Youth Ministries

A woman with a light blue shirt with the lawn in the background

Stacy Wilder

Director of Children’s Ministries

A man in a white shirt with a wall hanging in the background

William Cowdery

Music Director & Organist

A woman with a gray scarf and black jacket in front of an indoor plant

Mary Ellen Stewart

Financial Manager

A man with a red shirt standing outside in front of the church wall

Jim DuPay