Child Care Provider Job Description

JOB STATUS: Hourly, $20 per hour.  Part-time, 2-5 hours weekly.    Employment-at-will.

SUPERVISOR: Director of Children’s and Youth Ministries

JOB SUMMARY: The Child Care Provider supervises children involved in Children’s Ministries Programs.  The main role of the Provider will be on Sunday mornings in the Beam Nursery, but there will also be Sunday morning programs that will involve caring for children through fifth grade.  Opportunities for additional hours will be offered to the Provider for church events and meetings in which child care is needed.  In accordance with the church’s Child Protection Policy, the Provider will work with a volunteer caregiver for all programs and events.


  1. Child Care:  Expected to arrive on Sunday mornings no later than 9:45, if unable to do so, contact the Director ASAP.  Care is primarily held in the Beam Nursery (other classroom as designated if nursery unneeded). Provider remains until all of the children have been picked up by their parents and the space has been cleaned.  If no children attend, the Provider will work with the Director for other duties (i.e., organizing toys, preparing craft materials, etc.) The Provider will work alongside church volunteers to provide age appropriate activities.
  2. Beam Nursery Space:  The Provider is responsible for the tidiness of the Beam Nursery (toys and equipment being organized and put away).  Deep cleaning of the nursery is the responsibility of the custodian (Provider must leave a note for the custodian for any issues).  The Provider is responsible for spills or messes that happen during the program time that cannot wait to be cleaned until the custodian arrives including but not limited to cleaning and sanitizing mouthed toys, surfaces and cups used by the children.
  3. Communication: The Provider is responsible for communicating any issues or needs of the nursery/children/families to the Director.  The Provider will touch base with the Director at the conclusion of each Sunday.  
  4. The Provider will perform other reasonable duties related to childcare as assigned by the Director.


  • Must be 18 years or older 
  • At least six months of prior experience working with infants and toddlers in a child care setting.  
  • Must be physically able to lift children (or up to 35 pounds) and sit on the floor to play with children.  
  • Must have a clean background check, which shall be done at the expense of the church.
  • Current certificate in CPR and First Aid preferred.

TO APPLY: Send your resume and cover letter to