Children’s & Youth Music

Seven youth performing with handbells


Nancy Weislogel and Karin Silva lead our Junior Handbell Choir and Junior Chimes Choir, which started as one group in 2013 and has grown steadily over the years, now split into two separate choirs.  We practice almost every Sunday after the service, and the two groups each play a few times a year, including Advent, Lent, and Celebration Sunday. Ringing is a “musical team sport.” The youth learn to play together as a group while having fun with various bell ringing techniques. We currently have a total of 22 ringers in the two choirs, with new ringers joining at the start of each semester. We welcome new ringers starting in grade 3 through high school.

For more information, please contact co-directors:

Nancy Weislogel ( and Karin Silva (


The Junior Choir is composed of young singers in kindergarten through 5th grade, led by our Children’s Music Associate. We perform four times a year, often inspiring the congregation to join in our joyful music and dancing. In our practices, which take place after church a few weeks before each performance, we build musical concepts through games and community. Contact for more information. 


The  Pentecost Singers is a choral ensemble of singers in grades 6-12, led by our Children’s Music Associate.  We perform four times a year, singing both classical choral pieces and more modern works like Pentatonix. We welcome new members of any level of musical experience who share a love of singing. Contact for more information. 


The Instrumental Ensemble is open to any musician comfortable reading music. Our Music Director arranges the parts for each performance’s specific combination of strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion. Our Children’s Music Associate leads rehearsals a few Sundays prior to our performances on Christmas Eve and Celebration Sunday. Contact for more information.