2021 Giving Tree

You may sign up for as many gifts as you’d like. Suggested spending is no more than $25 per
gift. There is a bigger need this year, and your participation is very much appreciated!
Please place your gift or gifts in a GIFT BAG (please no wrapped gifts) and LABEL with the
If you are bringing an OAR gift card, please label it with the gift number or numbers. It does not
need any wrapping or packaging. A plain labeled envelope is OK.
Please return gifts to the lower Narthex on Sunday, November 28 or Sunday, December 5
during church hours. If this is not possible, gifts may be brought to the office between 8 and
11 AM weekdays from November 30 to December 7. Please call or email the office in advance
of arriving.
If you have questions about individual gift descriptions, please contact Nancy Stewart
(nbyrdstewart@gmail.com or 592-3343). Many thanks for participating in the Giving Tree!
Links to Sign Up for Gifts