Against Hate Action: Film & Workshop

Our church’s Against Hate Action group is planning activities for this coming fall to help promote a positive, progressive Christian message in a time when hate-driven speech and actions are on the rise. On Friday, September 13 at 5:30p.m.we will be screening a film by Deeyah Khan titled White Right: Meeting the Enemy, which probes the reasons behind the increase of anti-Muslim propaganda, far-right discourses, hate crimes, and divisive populist rhetoric across western democracies. There will be a period of discussion after the film. Please plan to attend.
At a later date in the fall TBD, we will host a workshop on nonviolent communication to equip us with skills to lower the temperature of hate-driven discourse.
Look for more details in upcoming bulletins.
Here are links to the film trailer and to Deeyah Khan’s “about” page:
*During the film games and activities will be available  for children, YACs, and middle school youth will take place in Rooms 1-2. High school youth are encouraged to attend the film by Deeyah Khan titled White Right: Meeting the Enemy, and participate in the discussion, or they can email if they would like to assist with children’s games.