Maxwell Kuhnel, Children’s Music Associate

I come from Horseheads, NY, a pretty normal town with a very weird name, about 40 minutes away from here. I have a twin brother (fraternal) and triplet sisters who are in high school now! I have two loving moms who helped me get to Ithaca College where I am a Junior Vocal Music Education Major. Having a love for the church, teaching music, and social justice, I couldn’t help but fall in love with FCC immediately!

At IC, you can usually catch me running events as an RA, singing with my A Capella group: Voicestream, or falling off my skateboard trying to get to class on time! When not on campus, I’m either on a date with my girlfriend, Noelle, or I am conducting the choir at Kendal at Ithaca, of which a few members sing in our senior choir! I’m excited to be starting here and feel so welcomed already!