AuBree Gates, Childcare Provider

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I was born in American Fork Utah but moved to Ithaca at an early age and grew up here. I graduated from Ithaca High School and maintained a regular job at Coddington Road Community Center. I went to college at the University of Utah, but unsure of which direction I wanted to take in life, I moved back to Ithaca and decided to pursue my love for art, taking the many steps required to becoming a tattoo artist.

Along the way, I had my beautiful daughter Juniper. She led me back to child care, and I went back to Coddington, taking her to work with me. I continue with my passion for art and tattooing while maintaining the close relationship with my daughter I wish I had as a child. I have no idea what’s next for me, but I do know I love children. Whenever the stresses of life start clouding my determination to make the world a better place, I remember children are the future, and it really does start as young as day one. I have a very nurturing desire to help, and my art alongside working with children is the best way for me to contribute to my community!